What should a bedroom look like for marital happiness?

If you want happiness in married life, keep in mind that the bedroom should be airy and quiet. Don’t let the conversation in the room sound out of place. It does not bring sweetness in married life. Below is some information about the architecture of the bedroom.

-The bedroom is the most important part of the house. Everything contained here affects married life. Such as photos, flower pots, beds, etc. In the bedroom, husband and wife keep their smiling photos together. But don’t put the photo on the side of the bed where you sleep.

– Decorate the black sesame seeds in the north-west corner of each new moon.

-To maintain romance and privacy, be careful not to place the bedroom window next to another room.

-Money plants are also planted for mutual love and beauty of the bedroom. There is a belief in Vastu Shastra that the relationship between husband and wife becomes sweet after planting money plant. .

– There is a belief that when a light pink ray curtain falls in the bedroom, love is aroused in the couple.

-According to Vastu, always sleep with your head facing south or east, so that you can get long and deep sleep according to the magnetic field of the earth. Comfortable and complete sleep makes married life more enjoyable.

– It is better for the wife to sleep on the left side of the husband.

-If there is a dressing table in the room, be careful that your reflection does not fall in the mirror. Cover the mirror.

– Dim lighting should be provided in the bedroom. But the light should not be placed directly on the bed.

-According to Vastu, there should not be a bathroom in the bedroom because the mutual exchange of energy between the two persons is not good for health.

-If you want to have a bathroom in the bedroom, build it in the southeast corner. If this is not possible, it can be built in the northwest corner.

-Keep peacock feathers on the bed.

-According to Vaastu Shastra, it is not right to make a place of worship in the bedroom or to put pictures of gods and goddesses. If you want to keep, you can put a picture of Radha-Krishna on the top of the bedroom.

-If your financial situation is not good and you are not happy in married life, mix crystal with rice grains and keep it in the bedroom.

-Put copper and brass coins in a red cloth bag.

– Sometimes negative things can be seen from the bedroom window, such as dry trees, smoke coming from the factory chimney, etc. Keep curtains on windows to avoid such scenes.

What don’t you do?

– Do not put a mirror in the bedroom.

– Do not keep broken glass in the room.

– The bedroom is not on the north side.

– The bed should not be in front of the door. If so, place the coral stone under the pyramid in the north-west corner.

– No sound should be heard when opening or closing the bedroom door.

– Keep things like scissors or iron away from the bed. Don’t put water paintings in the bedroom.

– Items like bad air conditioner or fan that make noise, move it immediately. This can lead to marital problems.

– Keep scented candles.

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