Watch Live: 2022 midterm primary results in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan and Washington

Voters in five states Elections are going to be held on Tuesday in some states that were battlegrounds in 2020 – and will be again in 2024. And abortion faces its first test in the ballot box as the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, as Kansas voters decide whether abortion should be constitutionally protected.

With the influence of former President Donald Trump looming large in some of Tuesday’s primaries, a CBS News poll released Tuesday showed that for Republicans, a Trump endorsement is a plus for that candidate, and even more so among Republicans who say they “always” vote in the Republican primaries, most of whom identify as MAGA Republicans. We do.


In Arizona, former President Donald Trump has rallied for his aides in the Senate, the governor and secretaries of state. Arizona was one of the major battlefield states for President Joe Biden in 2020. After the election, some Republicans in the state tried to reverse the results, with plans to send a slate of fake alternative voters who supported Trump to Congress. Electoral college certification, rather than electors won by President Biden.

To take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in the Republican primary in November, Trump has endorsed Blake Masters, who has a comfortable lead, according to two polls before the primary.

For governor, former TV news anchor Kari Lake and attorney Karin Taylor Robson are in a tight contest for the GOP nomination that repeats a dynamic between Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump has backed Lake, while Pence has backed Taylor Robson with limited-term Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. Last month, Trump and Pence held duel rallies for Lake and Robson on the same day.

Trump has also supported the challenger of the Rajya Sabha Speaker rusty bowerswho in June a. I testified House 6th January Committee Public Hearing, Bowers is limited by that position, but is running for the state Senate. a few days before the primary, Arizona GOP voted Formally Condemnation As for his testimony, the frustrations of many far-right members culminated with Bowers’ refusal to support Trump-backed efforts to reverse the 2020 election.

This year, Bowers helped block a bill introduced by state candidate and current state representative Shawna Bolik. empowerment Legislature to choose its own electors, regardless of how the people voted. For his actions, the former president gave the speaker a “rino coward”And backed his opponent, former State Sen. David Farnsworth.


Trump issued last-minute quasi-approval in the Republican primary for an open Senate seat in Missouri. Monday night he “ERIC.” gave his support behindThere are two leading candidates in this race named Eric, Eric Schmidt and Eric Grettens. Both claimed they had the support of Trump.

In Missouri’s first congressional district, incumbent Representative Corey Bush, who ran a long term in power in 2020, faces a number of challenges. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Bush and rival Steve Roberts, writing that “many deeply personal issues are likely to dominate voters’ decisions not necessarily influenced by an editorial endorsement.”

Meanwhile, three of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are facing a Trump-backed primary challenge. Trump posted on Truth Social on Tuesday to urge Republican voters to “eliminate the impeachment mud.”


In Michigan, Rep. Peter Meijer is in an uphill race against John Gibbs, a new Republican, Trump-era housing and urban development official in a swing district centered around Grand Rapids, Michigan.


And in Washington, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the general election. Republican Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler in the Third District and Dan Newhouse in the Fourth District are both at risk of being shut down because of Trump-backed challengers.


For the first time since the Supreme Court dismissed Roe v. Wade, a state is voting whether abortion rights can be constitutionally protected. In 2019, the state Supreme Court of Kansas ruled that abortion is protected in the state constitution’s bill of rights. voters are deciding Whether to allow amendments to the Constitution to ban the right to abortion.

In other words, a “yes” vote for the amendment would enable the abortion ban to pass.

A “no” vote on the amendment means abortion rights will be protected.

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