U.S. declares monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency

Biden is declaring a public health emergency for the administration monkeypox Outbreak in the United States, which now counts more infections than the virus any other country in the world. Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Becerra announced the decision on Thursday at a briefing with top public health officials.

“This public health emergency will allow us to explore additional strategies to get vaccines and treatments to affected communities more quickly. And it will allow us to get more data from jurisdictions so that we can more effectively track this outbreak.” and attack,” Robert Fenton, the newly appointed White House national monkeypox response coordinator, said at the briefing.

Over the past decade, there have been nationwide emergency declarations like was created before only for COVID-19 Epidemic, opioid crisisAnd this Zika virus outbreak in 2017.

Becerra’s move to declare an emergency, as was done for COVID-19 unlocked A wide range of flexibility in funding and regulations to respond to the spread of monkeypox.

A related determination would open the door for the Food and Drug Administration to grant grants. emergency use authorization that could be easier access to treatments and vaccines For an outbreak of monkeypox.

For example, a spokesman for Becerra’s department confirmed to CBS News earlier this month that it was working to see whether millions previously stockpiled — and are now depleted — the Genoese monkeypox vaccine. Supplements may be deployed under emergency use authorization.

Samples of the expired dosages have been sent back to the manufacturer Bavarian Nordic for testing, although the spokesperson said it was “highly unlikely that these doses would remain viable.”

Officials have said for weeks that they were considering the move as the number of cases soared and the demand for shots far exceeds supply across the country.

The move comes as a growing number of jurisdictions, including many state and citysimultaneously World Health Organization Everyone has considered the outbreak an emergency.

This week, even President Biden used Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Control the nation’s monkeypox response from the White House.

On Wednesday, the CDC said it was found At least 6,617 infections across the country. All but two states – Montana and Wyoming – have reported at least one infection.

Most infections are still believed to be spread through close contact between men who have sex with men. While no deaths have been reported, patients often endure excruciatingly painful at times Rashes and sores that can last for weeks.

Doctors have also responded to a handful of infections in other groups that have a higher risk of serious illness, such as: pregnant women And little kids,

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