Thousands protest outside COP-26, says Greta Thunberg: Conference failed

Glasgow. Thousands protested in Glasgow Park, outside the United Nations Climate Conference (COP-26), demanding the implementation of previous climate agreements.

Demonstrations have begun in various cities around the world, including Glasgow, to press for the implementation of previous agreements, including the Paris Agreement. Protesters have called for a global climate policy initiative.

Students, engineers and people interested in the climate are marching from Kelvin Grove Park in Glasgow to Central George’s Square.

Placards and banners reading “Capitalism is ending the earth” have been displayed and youths have even chanted slogans. He blamed the companies for causing the climate crisis and shouted slogans in favor of socialist system.

Dozens of Scottish flags were hoisted in the crowd. They have also demanded climate justice for the affected farmers. COP-26 has been running in Glasgow since last Monday.

Speaking at a public meeting in Glasgow, climate engineer Great Thunberg said the COP-26 conference had failed. Today, Thunberg took part in a protest rally attended by thousands of school students.

Speaking in George Square, she said it was urgent to stop carbon emissions.

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