The heart of the girl who went for cough treatment was found in the wrong place

A young woman in the United States has been battling a cough for the past two months. She took the problem to the doctor and the doctor started treating her. During the treatment, it was discovered that his heart was in the wrong place.

And, Claire has told her story via Tiktak video. Claire Mack, 19, of Chicago, had her hand amputated in June. And, she went to the doctor to get a tetanus injection. Until then, he had been suffering from cough for two months. And when she arrived at the hospital, she asked for his treatment.

At the same time, it was discovered that his heart was in the wrong place. Claire said in the video that she was a student and had been working part-time at nightlife. According to Corona Guidelines last month, he contracted the flu when Chicago opened. And, even after taking the medicine, he was not getting well.

An X-ray was taken of her chest on suspicion of infection. When the X-ray report came, the doctors were shocked. According to Claire in her video, after seeing the report, the doctor said that she had a heart attack in the wrong place.

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