The government is distributing 10,000 rupees to poor families in this way

17 October, Kathmandu. The government has prepared a procedure to transfer cash to the extremely poor families affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. With the approval of the Council of Ministers, the way is now open for the government to implement this program.

The government is going to transfer Rs 10,000 in the name of Covid package to 500,000 families. The government has described the program as one of the most important for the poor.

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had made this arrangement in the budget of the current Fiscal Year 2078/79. He said that the amount would be distributed ten years in advance but the procedure could not be implemented due to non-approval.

Who will get government cash?

Citizens who have lost their job, business or labor opportunities due to captivity to control the Kovid epidemic and financially deprived citizens will get Rs 10,000 per family. According to the working procedure, this amount will be given to the unemployed unorganized sector workers who have completely lost their previous employment and have not got another job opportunity.

It is mentioned in the working procedure that very poor businessmen selling goods on open road, sidewalk or grassland, plow, hook etc., daily wage porters, agricultural laborers, shepherds, wage laborers, rickshaw pullers, wheelbarrow laborers and public transport laborers and tourist porters will also get this assistance. Is

It is written in the working procedure that even the family that has to face financial crisis due to the death of the main member of the household and the care of the helpless minor who has lost their parents due to the infection of Kovid-19 will get the money.

In what cases do they not receive assistance?

Such application will be disqualified if any member of the household is working in government, private or union and foreign employment on permanent, temporary or contractual income at the time of application.

Social Security Allowance provided by the Government of Nepal (Senior Citizen, Single Woman, Dalit or Handicapped or even the family receiving pension from the Government of Nepal and Foreign Government) cannot claim this amount.

Even families who can meet immediate expenses from accumulated income or patrimonial property will be ineligible for the money. Even those who have received cash as relief from the Prime Minister’s Employment Program or the Government of Nepal, state government or local level programs will not receive the money.

How is the number being determined?

The Ministry of Finance and the Planning Commission have compiled a list of potential beneficiaries at the local level. It mentions the total number of families within the local level, local level human development index and socio-economic inequality.

The local level has been given the responsibility to select the most affected families from the epidemic by giving priority to the most needy families.

In this way, the specified number will be distributed by the local level executive on the basis of the number of families at the ward level, poverty status and needs.

Information will come in the magazine to apply

According to the procedure, the Ministry of Finance will publish a public notice in a national level daily newspaper to apply for cash. Such information will be conveyed to the local level.

The government has decided to issue the notice within 15 days. After receiving the information, the family can apply for cash at the concerned ward office. A copy of citizenship will be required along with the application.

Bank account mandatory

The bank account of the applicant should be mandatory. The details of such account should be submitted at the time of application.

In the case of a petitioner residing temporarily in the applicant’s ward, it is mentioned in the working procedure that any other Nepali citizen living in the neighborhood other than a single family member or the landlord living in his / her rented house should have identified such temporary residence.

Necessary facilitation will be provided by the ward office in case the applicant is unable or unaware to fill the application on his / her own. In the case of a minor who has lost a parent due to covid, the procedure has been made so that the guardian can apply.

The person taking the cash should also serve

The government will be able to hire people who need this help to volunteer when needed.

While submitting the application, it is necessary to express commitment to work as a volunteer in any public development project equal to the minimum working day of the Government of Nepal based on the minimum daily wage for cash transfer. On the same basis, the person of the family has to volunteer.

Recommended by the Ward Chairman

Applications will be examined within seven days of the application deadline. After that, the ward chairman will recommend the names of the beneficiaries at the local level. If it is found that the beneficiary is disqualified or more than one person from the same family has applied, the ward chairman has to reject it stating the reason and inform the applicant about it. It is mentioned in the working procedure that the administrative officer of the local level should study if there is any protest against the claim that a person is ineligible for the money.

Sending money to bank account

After the final list of beneficiaries is published from the local level, the amount will be transferred to the applicant’s bank account at the rate of Rs. 10,000. As there is no mention of cash transfer in the procedure, it is mandatory to open a bank account.

The local level is required to send the cash transfer report to the District Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office within 15 days of the transfer. The funds will be disbursed from the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office to the concerned local level.

A steering committee headed by the finance secretary will be formed to provide guidance on money transfer. The members of the committee will be members of the Ministry of Home, Federal Affairs and General Administration, Ministry of Land Management and Poverty Alleviation, Secretary of National Planning Commission, Association of Municipalities of Nepal, National Federation of Villages of Nepal. Monitoring and facilitation work at the local level will be done by the committee headed by the local level deputy chief or vice-chairman coordinator.

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