Tensions rise again after Pakistani security forces kill Indian fisherman

Delhi. Tensions between the two countries have risen again after Pakistan’s maritime security agency opened fire on an Indian fisherman’s boat last Saturday.

A fisherman living in Maharashtra, India, was killed in the incident. After the incident, India became angry and said that it would raise the issue with Pakistan through diplomatic channels.

He also said that he would investigate the incident.

On Saturday, some Indian fishermen were fishing in a mermaid boat. At the same time, Indian media has claimed that a team of Pakistan’s maritime security agency started firing on Indian boats without any reason.

Shridhar Ramesh Chamre, 32, of Maharashtra was in the cabin of the boat when the incident took place. He was shot in the chest and died on the spot.

The boat owner and another fisherman were injured in the incident. The Indian government has taken the incident seriously.

The injured fishermen have been brought to Okha in Gujarat for treatment. According to police, there were seven people on board.

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