Tech guy Jack Dorsey left a tweet, now what?

Jack Dorsey is one of the most influential people in the technology world.

If he had been a character in the movie, he would have been the most watched character.

Extremely honest and idealistic, Dorsey believes that technology can bring world peace and prosperity.

He is like a hippie libertarian whose life philosophy at times seems strange.

But Dorsey is also a visionary figure in the field of technology.

He recently resigned as Twitter’s chief executive for the second time. Leaving the social network he founded for the first time, he set up Square in 2001, a very successful electronic payment medium.

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He returned to Twitter in 2015.

Until last Monday, he was the chief executive of both companies, something many of his investors did not like.

Elliott Management, which invested heavily in Twitter last year, pressured him to choose between the two positions. He was looking for a chief executive who would only give time for Twitter.

It is said that even after his resignation from Twitter, the share price of the company did not go down much.

Investors have long thought that Twitter is not paying attention to the money it can make because of its large number of users.

And for that, the chief executive, who only prioritizes Twitter, may be useful.

Twitter is a much smaller player than Google and Facebook.

Many thought that Twitter could not make money because of Dorsey. Dorsey, who contributed to the creation of Twitter, did not intend to raise money by giving the user a bad experience.

Jack Dorsey
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He did some profitable tests. He aims to earn करोड 315 million by the end of 2023.

Even though Twitter has added many users to the epidemic, that goal does not seem easy.

Now that target will be the newly appointed chief executive Parag Agrawal.

Born in India, Agrawal started at a lower level and rose to the position of a competitive and respected chief technology officer. He is considered a safe person without risks and has a big goal in front of him.

Twitter is not Facebook and it has relatively little user information. So that information is not very useful for the advertiser.

Cryptocurrency infatuation
Dorsey is particularly fond of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

He recently formed a crypto team that is working on how the company can work on digital assets.

The team was led by Agarwal, so under the leadership of the new chief executive, Twitter is expected to prioritize the use of cryptocurrency.

But Twitter has become political in the United States, and Agarwal faces that challenge.

Jack Dorsey
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Democrats believe Twitter has not done enough to prevent misinformation. They also believe that there is no effective system for removing hate speech.

Republicans say Twitter is biased towards their ideology. An example of this is the case of Donald Trump being banned.

Agarwal has become a well-known figure in a single day, and he will soon have to answer questions from lawmakers in the US Congress.

Criticism has already begun, showing a tweet he wrote in 2010.

In an email written after Dorsey’s resignation, he discusses how long he will be the founder of the organization he founded.

“There’s been a lot of talk about having a founder-led company. I think that’s a limitation and a major cause of failure,” he wrote.

He is thought to have targeted Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg because Tesla’s Elon Musk has publicly stated that he does not want to be there.

Successful technology companies founded by eccentric founders like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Steve Jobs all now have key executives who keep the company safe.

Twitter probably needs the same.

Dorsey, 45, is still young. The last time he left Twitter, he carefully built a square that is now a खर् 1 trillion company.

Dorsey may seem ridiculous at times, but she has done enough to gain the right to take herself seriously.

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