Taliban’s new decision: Women should not be allowed to play serials, TV presenters should cover their heads

Kabul. The Taliban government has decided to ban women from starring in television series. Women journalists and presenters have also been asked to wear head coverings on TV.

However, the criteria for the decision to work with the head covered is not mentioned. According to the BBC, some of the Taliban’s new decisions are unpredictable and unpredictable. The Taliban seized control of the country in mid-August.

There are fears that they could impose tougher sanctions. As soon as US and allied forces withdrew from Kabul, Taliban fighters ordered women and teenagers to stay home instead of going to school.

Even in 1990, the Taliban banned teenagers from attending school. The new rules, recently introduced by the Taliban, include eight points, including a ban on women appearing in TV series.

Under the rules, films starring male actors will be banned under Sharia law. A decision has also been taken to ban comedy and entertainment programs against Islam. The Taliban has also imposed a ban on showing foreign films that promote foreign culture.

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