Taliban, US to hold talks in Doha next week: Taliban say new chapter in bilateral relations will begin

Kathmandu. Talks between the United States and the Afghan Taliban in Doha next year will open a “new chapter” in political relations with the United States, the group said on Wednesday.

Washington said on Tuesday it would continue talks with the Taliban after talks between the two sides in the Qatari capital on October 9-10.

The Taliban said in a public statement on its official Arabic Twitter account that a new round of talks between Afghanistan and the United States would begin in Qatar next week.

The talks are expected to “open a new chapter” in political relations between the two countries, resolve economic issues and discuss the implementation of the terms of the previous Doha agreement. ”

The two-week talks, proposed by the State Department, will address issues such as the threat posed by Islamic State in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, as well as the fight against humanitarian aid.

The talks will also focus on how to provide a safe passage from Afghanistan for American citizens and Afghans who have helped the United States and the West during the 20-year war.

The US delegation will be led by US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West. Last week, West said any economic or diplomatic support from Washington could only be given to the Taliban on certain conditions.

He called on the Taliban to establish an inclusive government, respect the rights of minorities, women and girls, and ensure equal access to education and employment.

The Taliban’s foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaki, who has not yet received formal recognition from the international community, wrote an open letter to the US Congress last week urging the United States not to seize Afghan assets.

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