Suspect in L.A. shooting of Lady Gaga’s dog walker recaptured after being accidentally released from jail

A suspect who was accidentally released The shooting of Lady Gaga’s dog walker from prison has been recaptured after she was arrested on charges of attempted murder in Los Angeles, officials said.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department announced Wednesday that James Howard Jackson, 19, was detained during a raid by deputy and US marshals in the northern LA county town of Palmdale.

Jackson was one of the five arrested In April 2021 for his alleged involvement in the shooting of Lady Gaga’s dog walker and the theft of two of her French Bulldogs on a street in the LA neighborhood of Hollywood. Police believe Jackson was the gunman who opened fire on the singer’s dog walker, Ryan Fisher, who was wounded by a gunshot wound but survived. Jackson was charged with attempted murder.

jackson was accidentally missed On April 6 of this year the sheriff’s department released what he called a “clerical error” from the prison, and officers have been looking for him ever since.

The Sheriff’s Department gave no details of how Jackson was located, saying only that he was “apprehended without incident.”

Another suspect in the shooting and robbery, 20-year-old Jailyne White, pleaded no contest to one count of second-degree robbery and was sentenced to four years in prison, the LA County District Attorney’s Office said. All other charges against White were dismissed, the DA’s office said.

On February 24, 2021, Fischer was driving Lady Gaga’s three French Bulldogs when a sedan ran into her, two suspects surfaced and stole two of the Bulldogs, Gustav and Cozy.

During the chaos, as Fischer was trying to fight off the men, he was shot once in the chest. The incident was captured in surveillance video.

The third bulldog, Miss Asia, fled but was later found safe.

Lady Gaga, who was shooting a movie in Italy, $500,000 rewarded For the safe return of his dogs and praising Fisher, saying that he “risked his life to fight for our family. You are a hero forever.”

Police said two days after the attack, Gustav and Cozy were taken away by a suspect.

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