‘Suryavanshi’ enters 100 crore club

Bollywood movie ‘Suryavanshi’ has entered the 100 crore club. The film entered the 100 crore club at the Indian box office on Tuesday.

This is the first film to enter the 100 crore club after Corona. The film had a gross of Rs 26.29 crore on Friday. The movie earned Rs 23.85 crore on Saturday, Rs 26.94 crore on Sunday, Rs 14.51 crore on Monday and Rs 11.22 crore on Tuesday. The film has so far grossed Rs 102.81 crore at the Indian box office.

The film is estimated to earn Rs 120 crore a week.

The film, directed by Rohit Setti, is also making aggressive earnings overseas. According to the distributor, the movie has collected around 30 million rupees at the Nepali box office. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Singh in lead roles.

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