Suggestions to emphasize on building infrastructure for the development of sports

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has conducted a consultation program with the stakeholders. On Monday, Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj held consultations with the former minister and representatives of stakeholders in the conference room of the ministry at Singha Durbar.

The participants suggested to develop resources and infrastructure for the development of youth and sports, to run and coordinate the program in an integrated manner as there are many ministries targeting the youth, to increase the fund for employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship of the youth.

Former Minister for Youth and Sports Jagat Bahadur Sunar Bishwakarma, former Minister of State Gopi Achhami, former Assistant Minister Chanda Chaudhary and representatives of stakeholders related to the Ministry of Sports were present on the occasion.

On the occasion, Vishwakarma, Achhami and Chaudhary were honored by Minister Gahatraj.

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