Kishida re-elected Prime Minister of Japan

Tokyo Fumio Kishida, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), has been re-elected as Japan’s prime minister. He was elected by a special session of parliament with a majority.

He was re-elected as the party’s president from the party’s convention on October 31 and is now also the prime minister. Kishida, who was first elected prime minister on October 4, is now in his second term.

He is also expected to continue his first term as a member of the Council of Ministers. The Parliament Secretariat has stated that it has done some other important work for the special session of the Parliament which has been conducted for a short period of time.

The new government has given high priority to reviving the economy affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The government is also planning to launch a ‘Go to Travel’ campaign to keep the economy afloat, officials said.

He called for the implementation of the economic programs he had announced and hoped for the support of the people in the general elections. Prime Minister Kishida called on all voters to support effective economic development programs in the country.

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