‘Ilam city, Chiabari good’

March 14, Kathmandu. The eastern hill district of Ilam is famous for its Chiabari. Tourists come to Ilam to see Chiabari all around, Cardamom from Kholsa and milk-carrying horses from Dobato.

The sky of Ilam is covered with fog for a moment, it is open for a while. The cold siretto and the changing weather give the impression of playing hide and seek with the visitor.

Kanyam is also famous in Ilam for its tea plantations. Tourists come to Sri Antu and Sandakpur to see the rising sun.

Various composers have written songs about Ilam. Lyricist Gangaraj Mukharung wrote, “Ilam city, Chiabari is good, that’s where our house is.”

Mastir from Ilam Bazaar is probably the oldest industry in Nepal, Ilam Tea Factory. It was established during the reign of Jung Bahadur Rana. Ilam is connected to Darjeeling in the east, Morang and Panchthar in the west, Panchthar in the north and Jhapa in the south.

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