How is Nepal becoming an ‘exporting country’ of human trafficking to Europe?

Barcelona The desire to earn money was attracted by foreigners. But now the mind is restless, let alone money. The chapter of life has returned. Time brought great ups and downs. Many times she tried to die, thinking it was a pity to live. In the end, she survived.

Shreya Khatri (name change), 26, was born into a normal family. She had gone to Dubai immediately after the earthquake in Nepal. She returned to Nepal in two years after the news that her father was ill at home.

As she was only literate, she did not see any possibility of good employment in Nepal. Thinking of going abroad, she flew to Turkey in the second week of August 2018 through Kathmandu’s Delta Manpower (unnamed). There, Shreya was offered a monthly salary of डलर 500 for housekeeping. She had spent Rs 300,000 to come to Turkey for that.

But not everything went as planned. However, they did not get the required salary. “It simply came to our notice then. I got only 12 hundred Turkish lira. That is only about 14-15 thousand rupees. I contacted the manpower after receiving a very low salary ‘, she said in a frustrated manner,’ After hearing my complaint on the phone, the manpower agent blocked the phone. ‘

Janet worked in Ankara for six months. A lot of work, little income, little was saved. Still, Shreya did not give up hope. Weaving a new dream, she arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. She worked there for a year. But after the lockdown started due to Kovid-19, the work stopped there as well.

Then his dream of Europe began with new hope. The person who is trapped in compulsion is getting ready for another place even after stumbling in one place. But in his life, one side was postponed and the other side was falling apart. Shreya’s sad chapters were added.

He now had to make a new journey. She was prepared for the perilous journey from Turkey to France via Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. She was mentally prepared for the months-long trek through the jungle.

“It simply came to our notice then.

To move beyond Greece, one had to resort to Pakistani or Afghan agents. Abhishek KC, a 27-year-old Nepali man found in Greece (name used in refugee camps but another name mentioned in passport) was found. She got to know Shreya.

‘After meeting the Nepalese, the hope for help increased. On top of that, Abhishek’s job was to bring people. We have to trust Nepalis more than Pakistanis or Afghans, ‘she said.

From time to time, Abhishek kept urging Shreya to leave Greece. But she said that she was thinking of moving forward only if she got other Nepali girl friends. Shreya says: “It simply came to our notice then that he had promised to settle down in Portugal and take me to France. When I asked, there were 12-15 other Nepalis. He said you are not alone. ‘

He would work to bring people and take grisadekhi bosniyasamma. As an agent, Abhishek often helped Bangladeshis move from one place to another.

‘Employers said they didn’t pay. Fear of getting worse even if we move forward with Pakistanis. Nepali people I know myself. On top of that, there are 12-15 other Nepalis, so I walked with him calmly, ‘says Shreya.

Grisadekhi two-three days out of a pedestrian. But he was alone in sreyale and realized that other Nepalese bhetinan. Cheryl says, “Why do you lie, I asked him. The police caught others. So he replied that he could not come. ‘

After being left alone, Shreya decided to return to Greece. “It simply came to our notice then. Winter is also coming. When it gets cold, you can’t walk on the snow, ‘Abhishek reminded Shreya again.

‘I believed him and moved on with him again. From time to time I would say that I liked you from Turkey, ‘says Shreya. I just know what happened to me then. ‘

Shreya, who had come abroad to lighten the debt burden, was now forced to carry another burden. “It simply came to our notice then. When that condition of the people comes, it will be a different situation, ‘she said with a sigh,’ it means to live by eating. I got sick. I couldn’t walk. Little did I know that I was pregnant. ‘

The village is the same, the forest is the same. It took him a month to reach Bosnia on foot. She arrived in Sarajevo, Bosnia. From there, he was apprehended by the police on his way to a place called Vias. “It simply came to our notice then. I was sick. He said we are old. I told the police that my wife was ill. ‘

“We were in quarantine for nine days at the camp. Moved from there to another place. We met Nepalis there. People he knew were still in the camp, “she said.” Abhishek reminded me not to tell them I was raped. He used to say that he loved me because he was married before but divorced because he had no children. ‘

Therefore, Shreya did not express her grief in front of other Nepalis. She decided to move on. After a 16-day trek to Slovenia, he was apprehended by police and returned to Bosnia. “Winter was about to begin. Snow and rain also began to fall. There was no way to move forward. Then I settled in Bosnia, ‘says Shreya.’ At that time a five-month-old baby was growing in the womb. ‘

Abhishek left Shreya and returned to Greece with a promise to return soon. She says, “He is going to bring people to Bosnia with all the money I have.” That was the last meeting between Abhishek and Shreya. Then he did not come to see Shreya. But the phone remained in contact.

Shreya was worried about the relationship against her will and the child growing in her womb. Shreya finally gave birth to a daughter on July 2, 2021. Strange place. Settlement of the camp. On top of that, she was alone in the hospital. The doctors even named the daughter.

“Even after coming to Bosnia from Greece, Abhishek did not come to visit us,” said Shreya. When will you come I used to ask that. “I’m on my way, I’m coming,” was his answer.

Even two months after the birth of his daughter, Abhishek always said, “I am coming.” But never arrived. Abhishek also blocked WhatsApp, the only means of communication. The message that Shreya sent to him on July 5 was the last. Shreya became even more anxious because of the maternity leave, the newborn baby, the refugee camp, and the wait for the anointing.

She contacted Abhishek’s nephew. My nephew told me that my uncle was going to Italy. He arrived in Italy on August 21. Stating that she had received the photo on Facebook through her friends, Shreya said, “What should I do now? At first it was easy to die, but I couldn’t. Now I have a daughter too. ‘

She traveled from Bosnia to Italy with the help of an Afghan family. Seeing Shreya’s condition, they were also worried. On the way, they gave him great courage, saying that they would help him. She dared to go to Italy with her baby.

It took two months to reach Italy from Bosnia. She arrived in Italy in the second week of October last month, carrying a baby on her back, crossing the jungle, carrying water and winter for two months after delivery.

“My daughter got sick when she arrived in Italy,” says Shreya. That’s when I realized my love for children. It was very difficult to remember. ‘

Shreya’s family also knows about these ups and downs. Her sisters remind her over the phone. “I haven’t talked to my mother yet. She says that she told the story to her father. The father said, “Even if it is good or bad, it has already happened.” Take care of the baby with good care. Do something for your daughter’s future, ‘says Shreya.

Shreya says that Abhishek’s family is also aware of the incident. According to him, Abhishek’s family also knows about this incident. He was already married. On one occasion, his wife called. He tried to be good in front of his family.

It took 13 months for Shreya to travel from Turkey to Italy. She was previously single. Now the future of the newborn is also connected with him. She is four months pregnant and has taken refuge in a camp in Italy.

“He played with my life,” she says. “If he hadn’t forced me, I wouldn’t be here today.” If there was even a little bit of compassion, why would you leave your child? ‘

“I am raising a child. I have come with so much sorrow. This is where I live ‘, she said,’ I have borrowed millions from Nepal when I came here. On top of that, the responsibility of my child has also been added. I want to fight harder for my baby’s future. ‘

She did not think that this would happen to Nepalis abroad. Remembering her pain, Shreya said, “Don’t be like other girls like me. I dare say that this should be done out. ‘


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