Here are the top 10 most used emojis in the world this year

Kathmandu. The Corona epidemic has affected modern human life. From eating and dressing, other styles have changed a lot. However, the emoji we send does not change. Stay the same A recent study by the Unicode Consortium included the 10 most used emojis this year.

Nine of the 10 most used emojis in 2019 based on digital text are in the top 10 this year. Red Heart Emoji is in second place this year and Smile is in first place.

Emojis study people’s lives. It’s not uncommon to use emojis that make people laugh or cry. This statistic shows how many people use emoji. If the emoji were simple, it would not be in the top category.

Alexander Robertson, an emoji researcher at Google, said: “This figure affects the number of people who use emoji.”

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