Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, joins Apple

Kathmandu. Leading US technology company App has announced the appointment of Alex Gorsky, the current chief executive officer (CEO) of Johnson & Johnson, on the company’s board of directors. Gorski’s announcement that Apple will be relocating comes at a time when the company is focusing on health and how to facilitate access to data between users and doctors.

Regarding Gorsky’s role, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised him as a visionary in the field of health and a person passionate about technology. Apple’s ambitions in the health sector are no secret. Apple Watch is one of them, from which users can provide data to the company.

Recent iOS and WatchOS updates add additional health features. Through which your physical fitness and health related data can be shared with the doctor or family members.

With the decision to bring Gorsky to the board of directors, one can be confident that Apple will bring some new health-related features.

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