‘Family Ping’ added to The Cliff

August 14, Kathmandu. The Cliff Plc, which operates the world’s second tallest bungee, has launched a ping pong built on its own resort premises. The company has dubbed it ‘Family Ping’. The height of the bridge connecting Kushma and Balewa of Baglung is 228 meters. Ping is made above that. The family can sit together and enjoy the ping, which is 16 meters high from the ground.

Ping pong with a maximum capacity of 350 kg has been fixed at Rs 250 per person. Raju Karki, chairman of The Cliff Pralika, said that high security precautions would be taken in Ping’s operation. Karki claims that the Ping made using steel core cable and designed by skilled technicians has become a model of Ping Nepal.

The company, which has built the world’s tallest swing and sky cycling, has also launched Sky Cheer for the first time in Nepal. The Cliff’s Guleli Ping and High Rope Station are also popular with the younger generation. Karki said that there is a plan to develop the area as an adventure hub and other activities will be added in the future.

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