Excitement at the box office again after Corona

Entertainment, which has been plagued by the Corona epidemic for two years, is on the move. Hollywood and Bollywood movies have once again added excitement to the world market.

While Hollywood movies are selling millions from the world market, the business of Bollywood movies is not less.

The Hollywood movie Eternals, which was released last year, has grossed over Rs 120 crore in the world market. The latest film in the James Bond series, No Time to Die, released on September 30, has grossed Rs 3,700 crore worldwide.

In Nepal too, these films have won the hearts of the audience. The movie ‘Suryavanshi’ released on the occasion of Tihar in India and the southern movie ‘Annathe’ starring Rajinikanth have also made a splash at the box office.

Suryavanshi has traded Rs 116 crore in four days from the world market. Similarly, Southern movie ‘Annathe’ has sold 174 crores worldwide in five days.

In this way, the entertainment world, which was sacked due to Corona, has started to be analyzed again. Viewers who have not seen the movie on the big screen for two years have started reaching the hall.

It is not uncommon for the hall to craze when spectators are attracted to the OTT platform during Corona. But as the Corona infection subsides and better films are screened, audiences are returning to the hall.

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