During the parliamentary session, a debate began over whether or not to allow infants to be breastfed by a British MP

London. Debate has erupted over a ban on a British MP from breastfeeding a child during a parliamentary session.

Labor MP Stella Crazy breastfed the baby while Parliament was in session. She has been banned from bringing babies to parliament. Her baby was sleeping with her when she was barred from entering the house.

The incident happened last Tuesday. Stella arrived at the Parliament House with her baby. She wanted to take part in the debate in the House. But he was stopped for violating the rules. An official in parliament later sent him a letter. As per the rules, she was not allowed to sit in the house with the child. Stella objected. Some lawmakers also supported him. Stola has been assured that these rules will be reviewed in the future.

House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle told lawmakers: “I don’t know of any official who stopped Stella. Stella ran a campaign to provide full maternity cover to women MPs.

The Prime Minister also expressed his support

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also spoken of reforming the rules. Johnson’s wife is also expecting a second child. However, Johnson said the House of Commons would decide. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister said: “We want to make the House more modern and functional in this century.

Despite the ban, it is customary to bring children to parliament

Despite the ban in the British Parliament, it is customary to bring children. Former Liberal Democrat Joe Swinson was the first woman MP to bring a child to the House for the first time in 2018. Labor MP Alex Jones tweeted that in 2019, Speaker Holly had approved him to bring the baby along and breastfeed in Parliament.

She says Stella is still breastfeeding so she should be allowed to come to Parliament with the baby. Law Minister Dominic Robb also believes he can support Stella because he has raised the issue before.

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