Divorce celebration in Nicole Kidman’s ‘Iconic Outfit’

Kathmandu. Nicole Kidman is not only an award winning actress but also a role model for women who celebrate divorce. The picture of her happy divorce from Tom Cruise in 2001 and leaving the lawyer’s office is still being discussed.

Liz Mopin, a friend from Los Angeles, also imitated Kidman and celebrated the divorce in her iconic outfit.

“I saw that (Kidman’s) picture a few years ago. And, I really liked it, “said Liz.

Liz said it took her several weeks to find the same blouse to celebrate her divorce as Kidma.

“It was difficult. I did some research for a few weeks. But that printed blouse was nowhere to be found, “says Liz.” Even on Reddit, people were looking for that blouse. ”

After her divorce last year, she even printed and framed Nicole’s picture. And she invited her 30 girlfriends to a divorce party and gave them a surprise.

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