Defense agreement between India and Russia: Russia to produce AK-203 rifle in India

Delhi. India and Russia today signed a defense agreement to produce AK-203 rifles. The agreement was reached during talks between the defense and foreign ministers of the two countries in Delhi today.

According to the agreement, Russia will produce AK-203 assault rifles for the Indian Army. Weapons production will take place in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Russian company that manufactures AK-47 rifles will produce AK-203 rifles.

Also, an agreement on the exchange of military aid by 2031 has been signed. The agreement has been signed by the defense and foreign ministers of both the countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India today is expected to result in a सम्झौता 51 billion defense deal between the two countries. A meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Putin is being held at 6.45 pm Nepali time today.

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