Declaration of ‘People’s War’ against covid in Chinese city

Kathmandu. A city in northeastern China has declared a “people’s war” against Kovid-19.

Authorities in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, have launched a “people’s war” against Kovid-19. According to the Global Times, a “people’s war” has been launched against Kovid-19 after new coronavirus infections began to appear recently. Officials say a “people’s war” is needed to prevent and control the epidemic.

Officials have also announced a reward of 100,000 yuan for information leading to the Delta variant’s origins, which may have been the cause of the latest transition.

The government has also requested information on possible causes of the spread of the virus (e.g., poaching, cross-border fishing and smuggling). The local government has said that it will punish the person who hides or does not reveal contact tracing.

As of Monday, 240 new cases of coronavirus have been found in the city of Heihe. The provincial government has imposed new restrictions on contact tracing after new infections appeared in Hena, Beijing, Gansu and Hebei.

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