Courage of 77 year old woman: Running from UK to Kathmandu

Kathmandu. A 77-year-old British woman has started her race journey from Brighton, England to Kathmandu. According to GI Media, his race started on June 25 and reached North England.

The woman, named Rossi Swallow Pope, aims to cover a distance of 8,500 kilometers from Brighton to Kathmandu. She started running by tying a three-wheeled cart around her waist. There are piles of snow in that cart.

He had earlier started the race to Kathmandu but was stopped by the Kovid-19 epidemic in Turkey. She will reach Kathmandu via Netherlands, Norway, Russia, China and Tibet.

Rossi has started a challenging race for a charity campaign to improve the living standards of the people of remote Nepal. He plans to raise 5,000 for this.

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