‘Country Apple’ Branding Indigenous Products

Rupandehi. Guman Singh Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., which has been operating in Kapilvastu’s Shivaraj Municipality-6, Gadgauda since last month, has started attracting the market with ‘branded indigenous apples’.

Achyut Tandon, managing director of the company, said that the exported quality apples were brought to the market under the slogan ‘Sweet Taste, Indigenous Fragrance’.

The company has stated that they are working by branding the apples brought from Mustang.

Cold Store, which started with an investment of Rs 60 million, has invested an additional Rs 5 million for apple branding, the company said.

He said that the company has an ambitious goal of establishing domestic products as a quality brand in the national and international markets. We are succeeding in this. We have received a good response from the locals. ‘

Kiran Khadka, chief market manager of the company, said that the market will be managed in the coming days by giving priority to the production of one’s own soil hand in hand with the farmers as the farmers of the country are suffering due to the inability of indigenous products to find market.

According to the company, the festival is targeted at Hindus and is very popular in the market.

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