Christina becomes mother of 11 children in 23 years, target of 105 children!

Moscow. Russia’s Christina Ozturk has become a mother of 11 children at the age of 23. The first child was delivered at the age of 17. In the last 10 months, she has given birth to 10 children by surrogacy.

Christina’s husband, Gallup Oztark, said their goal was to have 105 children. No matter how many children Christina has, her family plan will be for more than 10 children.

Christina is a resident of Moscow and her husband is a Gallup businessman. Christina also said that they want to know how many children can be born through surrogacy. Their first child, Mustafa, was born of surrogacy.

According to Christina, a separate diary has been created for the care of all the children. This process runs from 6 pm to 8 am. The nanny who takes care of these children takes notes in her diary about the daily care of the child.

Christina was a single mother. She gave birth to a daughter six years ago. A few years later, she went on vacation to Georgia. During this visit he met Gallup and fell in love. According to Gallup, Christina is smiling and shy.

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