Children are allowed to spend only 40 minutes on the ticket, a new rule started in China

Beijing. The popular Chinese app TickTock will now allow children to run their platform for only 40 minutes. The app has stated that it will not allow children to spend more time by keeping ‘Youth Mode’.

According to the international media, preparations are underway to implement this provision worldwide. However, it started from its own country, China.

From now on, users under the age of 14 in China will not be allowed to use more than 40 minutes of ticking a day. The company has made it impossible for children to watch ticks from 10 pm to 6 am.

The company has also requested to keep official details while opening a TickTuck account. The company will turn on the feature based on the age of the user and parents can also activate the feature.

The control of children in Tikatak has been started from China. The company also said that this feature will be available in other countries.

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