Cannoning is the choice of adventurers

October 16, Pokhara. With the increase in the number of domestic tourists in Pokhara, the number of domestic tourists doing canonization has also started increasing.

Operator Ram Gurung informed that cannoning at the waterfall in Machhapuchhre Gaonpalika-9 of Kaski has started increasing. “Adventurous sports tourists who come to visit Pokhara during the Dasai-Tihar holiday have shown good interest in cannoning. At present, 15-20 people visit it daily,” he said.

According to Gurung, most of the people who are spending time in the same routine due to Corona return happy after cannoning.

Cannoning is a type of adventure sport that involves wearing a weight suit with the help of a rope on a rock cliff, slipping and falling from the water.

Deepa Poudel from Pokhara, who reached Kudi Chahra with her friends for canyoning during Dashain-Tihar, shared her experience of feeling happy in fear while enjoying the natural shade. She said, “At first I was afraid of the pressure of the water and slipping on the rock. Gradually, as the guides said, I felt very happy as I fell down with the help of the rope.”

She recounted her experience of mental and physical well-being after canonization. Poudel expressed confidence that such activities would be important to build self-confidence by removing the fear inside her as it is an adventure sport. Rachna Adhikari, a beauty worker from Pokhara who also did cannoning with her, said that she had a very happy and enjoyable experience while cannoning for the first time.

‘I love to enjoy nature, this place is very quiet. The joy of soaking in the water with the help of a rope on the chirping face with the chirping of birds is different, I am very happy. ‘

According to Canoning operator Gurung, for those who want to do cannoning for the first time, arrangements have been made to show the demo initially and prepare it mentally. For that, the guides show the demo with all the advice. Guides are also deployed for emergency rescue. Gurung said that cannoning equipment is available for 14 people at a time.

“We only have the necessary equipment to reach 14 people at a time,” he said. Cannoning is also considered risky as it involves activities such as slipping, jumping, swimming and falling, ”he said. He said that the number of people coming to see the canyoning and the face on Saturdays and holidays has also increased a lot recently. Kudi Chahra has two beautiful waterfalls of 75 and 45 meters high for canyoning. People who go there to see the beautiful view of the waterfall and make a tick.

Canoning has been in operation in Pokhara since 2014. Kudi Chahra is located below the village of Lwanghalel, about 22 kilometers from Harichowk in Pokhara.

There are three tier packages for canonization, only for canonization, day trips and over night trips. Fees range from Rs 2,400 to Rs 4,900.

Those who are interested in adventure sports, those who are physically and mentally ready, are separated by ‘beginners’ and ‘professionals’ and an environment is created to enjoy the waterfall.

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