Biden warns Putin of “tough response” amid fears of attack in Ukraine

The United States has said it is preparing for a “tough response” to Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine.

Washington made the remarks after a video conference between the US president and his Russian counterpart.

During the video conference, US President Joe Biden expressed concern about the growing Russian military presence and threatened a “strong economic and other response,” Washington said.

Russia has recently stepped up its military presence near the border with Ukraine.

But during the talks, Russia said it would not invade Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Kiev of provocative actions.

He called for “assurances” that Russia would not deploy weapons and that NATO would not expand to the east of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Image source, REUTERS
According to the Russian news agency TASS, Biden and Putin had a conversation via a secure video link that had been set up in the past but was not used.

In the video footage seen at the beginning of the discussion, the leaders of the two countries are seen greeting each other in a friendly manner.

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The ensuing secret talks lasted about two hours.

According to Tass, Putin attended the talks from his Sochi residence.

The Kremlin said the talks were “clear” and that the two countries would continue to work together on sensitive issues.

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