At least 4 killed, 9 hurt in violent wreck near L.A.

A speeding car ran a red light and rammed into cars on Thursday in a horrific accident that killed at least four people, including a child, officials said.

According to the California Highway Patrol, shortly after 1:30 p.m., a Mercedes-Benz sedan caused an accident with six cars near a gas station in unincorporated Windsor Hills, about 10 miles southwest of downtown LA. is in.

Several people got out of the cars and two vehicles caught fire. Television reports showed black and damaged cars as well as a child’s car seat among the rubble lying on the road.

The video shows a Mercedes driving through an intersection, with at least two cars catching fire and injuring them against a gas station corner mark. One car also got half-detonated.

California Highway Patrol Officer Alicia Colter said three adults, including a pregnant woman and a child, died.

“I was about to pump gas, and all of a sudden, I heard all the noises from all the collisions, and then the fire, the explosions, and I saw things, metals, and things flying in the air,” Veronica Esquivel witnesses. Told CBS Los Angeles, “So, I covered myself behind the pump.”

Officials said nine people, including six children, were injured. Among them was the driver of a speeding Mercedes, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Another witness, Debra Jackson, described her experience on CBS Los Angeles.

“All of a sudden, I heard a big bang, but as I was trying to turn, the flames spread all over,” Jackson said. “Flames went up all over my car, and they told me to jump out of my car, as I was trying to open the door to get out of the car to get to the gas pump, and they told me to jump out. asked for the car… so I jumped out of the car, and I left my car sitting there.”

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