After hearing the announcement of the pilot on the flight, his girlfriend became embarrassed

The video of a young woman who was on the flight after hearing the announcement that her boyfriend had boarded the plane is now popular. The video has gone viral on the Internet and has been viewed more than 10 million times so far.

The pilot’s boyfriend’s announcement about his girlfriend boarding the plane for the first time had embarrassed him in front of other passengers.

Sharing this video on a ticket, a young woman named Hannah wrote, “When you first boarded your boyfriend’s plane.”

Before giving the necessary information to the passengers on the plane, the pilot said, “We have a special person traveling with us, who is my girlfriend, her name is Hannah and she is sitting in seat number 2C.” So, at the end of your journey, please do me a favor. ‘

The pilot’s boyfriend then asked, “Give me a fist bump, a high five or your snack, a bottle of water.” Thank you. Thank you so much for traveling with us and for wearing the mask. We will take off soon. ‘

In the caption to the thrilling video, the young woman writes: “Replying to this video, my father said – at least he didn’t propose. But I wanted him to propose. ‘

The video, which has been viewed more than a million times, has received a lot of reactions on social media.

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