A flying motorcycle made in Japan

In Japan, a startup company has built a sky-flying motorcycle worth 80 million rupees. It is also called hoverbike.

The Japanese-made hoverbike is valued at 680,000, or about 81.6 million Nepali rupees. Hoverbike’s ‘Exturismo Limited Edition’ has been available in the Japanese market since Wednesday.

The investors in the company are electronics company Mitsubishi and famous football player Keisuke. According to ALI Technologies, this bike can fly at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour for 40 minutes after a single charge.

The company also aims to produce 200 hoverbikes weighing 300 kg per person next year. Until now, the only option was to travel on land and in the sky. We are trying to provide new means of transportation, ”said Daisuke Catano, chief executive of Technologies.

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