356 meter high building shakes, flee to China!

Beijing. Locals have fled in fear after a 356-meter-high skyscraper in Guangzhou province shook.

In the released video footage, it can be seen that the locals fled in panic after the building was shaken. The Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau is investigating the cause of the quake.

The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. A video of the locals fleeing in panic after the building shook at around 1 pm on Tuesday was made public.

The plaza has been evacuated and sealed after the incident. The fire department and police are investigating the incident.

Lu Jianjin, an engineer with a Chinese construction company, said that the building would shake only when there was an earthquake, but that it was unnatural for the building to shake when there was no earthquake.

The SEG Plaza is the 104th tallest building in China and the 212th tallest in the world.

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